Night Out: Outfit Idea | Style Ideas

Hey ladies, what are you doing tonight? Tell me in the comments below ❤

I’m going with my parents to a nice local restaurant this evening and I figured it out why not showing you the outfit that I’m going to wear. I absolutely love this outfit and I hope you will like it too. I will list down below all the details.

  • First, I wanna talk about the beautiful white top that I’m wearing. I bought this top last summer from Pull&Bear and I don’t think that they still have on stock this type but I will list down below other similarity. I really love this top because it has floral lace printed on the base material and in this way you can wear it in different styles. You can make an elegant outfit but also a casual one.
  • Then, the trousers that I had recently bought are from Unfortunately, I had to buy a bigger size because there is a big difference between my wide hips and my tiny waist, but this week I went to the tailor and now they’re made just for me.
  • Finally, these beautiful black heels are from I don’t know if you can see them very well but I will list down below the links, if you wanna buy something from this outfit.


  1. Top:
  2. Trousers:
  3. Heels:

I hope you guys have an amazing evening

See you in the next post



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