Valentine’s Day Look | Simple&Quick

Hello, everyone 🙂 So the month of love is here and also Valentine’s Day is in a few days. Valentine’s Day is a nice excuse to get dressed up and head out early for some cocktails and an extended evening.

Well.. me and my boyfriend we’re going to a local restaurant and then we are going to watch a romantic movie at my house.

*hah I wish*

So yesterday I posted a picture on Instagram, showing you a simple and quick makeup for this special ocassion. So today I’m actually gonna show you how I achieved that appropiate makeup. Personally, I think I will wear this makeup hanging out with my friends because we are going to watch the famous “Fifthy Shades of Grey” movie. Hah, I honestly can’t wait 🙂 

This is gonna be my first video, and I know I have A LOT of things to fix in the future projects but let me tell you that I’ve been waiting for this video to upload on YouTube for like 4 hours + 2 hours of editing. Well, as I said in the future my videos will become better and better and also I’ll become more skilled in this domain. I hope that you’ll not judge me for trying to reach my dream and support me if you like what I’m doing. I’m also waiting for your constructive oppinions and also suggestions for the future posts/videos. So.. let’s start ♥

  • The products used in this video will be listed down below and also in the description box of the video.
  1. Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealar – 010 Ivory
  2.  Real Techniques Starter Set Brushes
  3.  Sephora Color Festival Palette
  4.  Elf Brushes
  5.  Ebelin Brush
  6.  Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

 I wanna thank you guys for supporting me during this journey, and now because of you I have started another beautiful part of my life. This summer I’m planning to take some makeup courses and I would hopefully become better and better at this. Also I’m thinking about starting freelancing but until I’m gonna be absolutely sure about this, there is a long way to go.

So thank you very much for reading this post and watching the video

I hope you liked my tutorial. If you do, please subscribe and also give a thumbs up.

It would definitely help me a lot 🙂

See you in the next post,



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