My Haircare Routine | Frizzy Hair

Hello, everyone 🙂

Ok, so.. First I wanna apologise for the delay in posting.To be honest, I’ve been thinking about different post ideas for the last few days and I have finally found something that I think will make you wanna read the next lines. 

So, my hair has grown a lot recently and I am pretty satisfied with its lenght. Now I am gonna focus on maintaining it healthy and moisturised. My hair is a little bit strange I can say, because it’s not curly but it’s not straight either so.. it’s more like frizzy sometimes; especially on the first day hair if I don’t use big curlers overnight to tame that frizzines. And so, in this way I need to keep more attention to it. Recently I’ve been using products based on argan oil and also linseed oil but also frizz-taming types. These oils that I’ve mentioned are doing a really, really good job for any part of your body, to be honest. Also my body cream has argan oil in it and also my eye cream; and I absolutely love those products. 

  • The first products that I’m gonna talk about are the Olioseta Shampoo,Oil and Instant Conditioner with Argan Oil.

11087522_879359255462759_1798899495_nOLIOSETA-BAREX it’s a line of hair products based on argan oil and linseed oil, ideal both for restructuring the hair fiber and gives silkiness and luster of your hair. This product contains argan oil and also flax seeds which are the best for my type of hair. Here are some of the benefits of using argan oil on your hair:

• Absorbs immediately  

• Restructure

• It protects from external agents

• softens and nourishes hair

• Anti-aging exercises

• Is an anti-moisture and anti-frizz

• Lights efficient natural light reflex

 Also, the flax seeds are very good for any hair type:

• Wraps hair in an invisible film protecting it from external agents

• Block water loss, increase hydration

• Improves elasticity

• It makes the hair shiny with a perfect alignment of cuticular scales

11117405_879359295462755_984505919_n    11084590_879359288796089_672203882_n

This range is suitable for all types of hair, but it suits the frizzy one the best. So it has a good washing power, does make my hair less frizzy and after drying gives the hair softness and shine. I’ve been using the whole Argan Oil treatment range, and I am pretty satisfied about them. 

The next ones are in the ULTIMATERELAX – UNRULY HAIR range.

As the other products that I’ve been talking about, these contain also argan oil but there’s one more special ingredient: passion flower. The benefits of passion flower:

• protection from external aggressions

• repairs hair strand by strand

• reduces frizziness

• nourishment

11117531_879359278796090_765011419_n     11104063_879359268796091_835329775_n

So these are the products that I’ve been using this year and I am satisfied with the results. My hair is still frizzy sometimes but I had found that these products work the best for my type of hair. The only disadvantage that there products have is that they’re pretty expensive. If you want to find more about them and also different ranges from Barex, here’s the link for the official site: . And here is the Facebook page of the salon where I bought them: .

To be, or to be free from frizz? That is the question! 

See you next time, 



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