10 Fun Things To Do This Fall


  1. Slow down… after the craziness of summer, enjoy the autumn air, the smell of the leaves, the coolness of evening, and enjoy every moment of this beautiful season.

  2. Pull out the sweaters, wash them up, and anticipate the coziness to come!

  3. Make caramel corn

  4. Make pumpkin butter — this sounds SO delicious!

  5. Did someone say Crockpot Baked Apples? Yes, please!

  6. Start a daily journal of the best part of each day…. and remember to cherish every single day, even the bad ones.

  7. Create a new door wreath with fall flowers/leaves and ribbons.

  8.  Enjoy a family bike ride.

  9. Plan a day at the park with picnic snacks.

 10. Start your Christmas shopping early! 🙂


With love,



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