Let’s talk about | Bullying and body shaming


Hello, everybody 🙂 


How are you? What have you been up to in the last month? I hope you all are doing good. Me, personally, I have been trying my best to get better and so far things are going well. I’ve started eating healthier and drinking a lot more water and so far I can honestly say that it also helped me with my mental health, besides the physical.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about something we all have encountered at some time in our life: body shaming. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, you are not exempt. What has inspired me to talk about this ? Well, besides the fact that bullying has always been present, Little Mix’s new song “Strip” pushed me to write a post about it, because I have also been a victim of  bullying, and especially body shaming. 


As far as I can remember, it all started when I was way younger, like 12-13 years old. I remember being told that I have big dark circles, so as soon as I could, I started using makeup to cover them. After that, I was being told that I dress horrible, so I started to look at fashion trends and dress accordingly. At 14, I was having some problems with my sight, so I needed to start wearing glasses. After having them on for a few months, I’ve been told that “wearing glasses is unattractive” and that I should stop wearing them. So I did, for a while, until my sight got worse so I could not avoid wearing them anymore.  At 15, I was told that I have bulky unattractive legs, so I started exercising to make them look thinner. After that, they told me that my teeth are horrible, so I went on and got braces. At 16-17, I was even told that I am fat, and I remember being so affected by those words, that I went home and cried the whole day. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I have the best looking body or anything like that, but I do not consider myself fat at all, and I have forever been at this stage, +- 5 kg max. 

Besides all of these image/body related criticism, I’ve also been told that I am “too full of myself”, “weird” and even being criticized for starting this blog, sustained by the forever question “who do you even think you are?”; and even to this day I am being doubted about it when I tell people that I want this to be my full-time job in the future. 

What I am trying to point out is that none of us are perfect, and none of us will ever be, so we should NEVER criticize anyone for their flaws, choices or dreams. All of us know that people can be so mean and so evil, so let’s not encourage that behaviour anymore. Instead, let’s focus on the beautiful things, and try to make anyone’s day just a little bit brighter without expecting nothing in return, because at the end of the day, that person that you just made fun of may be crying themselves to sleep. 

So, as a conclusion, let’s stop every kind of bullying and mean criticism, and let people be themselves and be comfortable with their bodies. Also, let’s try to spread as much positivity as we can and help others with anything that we can. 


Lots of love, 




Why I’ve been so inconsistent..


Hello, everyone


I am very happy to be writing to you again. I hope you all are good. I am sincerely so sorry to be MIA again and again.. but in this post I am going to tell you what is really going on with me for the last years. 

Now.. I’m going to be straight forward. The reason why I have been and still am very inconsistent is that I am struggling with anxiety. I am in this constant battle with my thoughts for 3 and a half years, which unfortunately also led to depression. I have definitely had my ups and downs throughout these years, but lately I am struggling again. I am not writing this for extra attention and I don’t want you to feel pity for me or anything like that, but I just thought that I owe you an explanation for all these times that I could not live up to my words. I am saying that because I simply just did not want to write or film something just for the sake of it when I was feeling down, because I did not wanted to bring you something dull or boring. 

Now, don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE writing and filming for you, but I don’t want to create bad content for you. I am not getting to much into details for now, maybe I’ll leave that for another post or maybe a video telling you more about my journey with mental health. 

As I said, I hope that you guys are feeling well and are doing very good, and I want you to know that I am here for you, sending all the good energy towards you. If any of you need anything or need someone to talk to about things that you have been struggling with, feel free to dm me. I will try my best to offer you my advice or to just simply be there for you. Until then, I will see you next time in my next post. 

Lots of love, 





Hello, guys 


Finally the warm weather is here and now we can enjoy being outside without freezing to death. To celebrate this beautiful weather I have put together a set of 3 spring outfits that I hope you would all enjoy to watch. 

  • LOOK 1 
  1. Shoes – Adidas
  2. Socks – Pull&Bear
  3. Shorts – Missguided
  4. Bag – Pull&Bear
  5. Blouse – Stradivarius
  6. Sunglasses – Funkers
  • LOOK 2
  1. Shoes – Converse
  2. Jeans – Stradivarius
  3. Blouse – Stradivarius
  4. Blouse(2) – Pull&Bear
  5. Jacket – Stradivarius
  6. Glasses – H&M
  • LOOK 3
  1. Shoes – Missguided
  2. Jeans – Stradivarius
  3. Belt – Medicine
  4. Bodysuit – Stradivarius
  5. Blouse – Pull&Bear
  6. Glasses – H&M

I really hope you enjoyed this lookbook 

Stay tuned for more 🙂