Burgundy Makeup Look |Fall Inspired

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How are you? I hope you are having an amazing start of the week. For the today’s video I wanted to present you this beautiful burgundy fall inspired look. If you have been following me for a while you might know that I am absolutely in love with fall and also fall colours, making this look one of my favourites simply by the vibes that it is giving me. Well, what can I say more than I hope you guys will enjoy this look as much as I do and if so, please give it a big thumbs up and also subscribe if you have not already. So yeah, until next time I’ll see you guys later. Kisses.






Fall Inspired Makeup Look | 2016

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How are you? I’m currently enjoying a big cup of green tea and scrolling down the news feed. 

Yesterday I finally managed to film the makeup look that I posted on instagram like 2 or 3 weeks ago and also edited it this morning. Firstly, I almost edited it last night but all the progress was lost and I can say that I sweared for like 15 minutes after that incident. But nevermind, after 3 hours of editing I managed to upload it. 

I am honestly in love with this makeup look simply because fall is my favourite season. Hope you like it too! If you do, please give it a thumbs up and also subscribe for more videos to come!


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Kim Kardshian Makeup | Cannes 2016


Hello, everyone! I’m happy to be finally back posting. Sorry that I’ve been missing for like 4 months or so but I had a period in my life when stress has taken over and I couldn’t manage to film any videos. But yeah, as I said, now I’m back and I hope that this summer I’ll post a lot more frequently.

Everyone knows that while Cannes is about the award-winning films being screened there, the real show is on the red carpet where A-list actors and models bring the drama in flowing gowns, millions worth of diamonds and innumerable up-dos. But up until now, there’s always been one crucial element missing at Cannes, and that’s Kim Kardashian West. But all of that’s about to change this year as the reality star is finally making her grand debut.


Her kohl-lined eyes were the show-stopping component of her look, paired with nude lips and bold, black brows. And of course, her contour was sharp enough to slice through the haters. She had a romantic, faded out wing that was edgy but beautiful. If you’re wondering who delivered this makeup masterpiece, it was none other than Mario Dedivanovic himself.

Now, this is my version of her makeup, it’s not like the exact look because she had more like matte eyeshadows on her lid but I spiced it up a bit and added a little bit of shimmer on my lids.

I really hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you want to, and until next time I’ll se you guys later. Bye 🙂 


Kylie Jenner Inspired | Golden Globes

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I hope you are all having an amazing evening.

I am very excited for the today’s video because even tough I filmed this last week, I couldn’t manage to completely edit it until today. I am going to show you my “recreation” of Kylie Jenner’s look at the Golden Globes afterparty, which can totally be worn at many ocassions because it’s a bronzed look with a basic brown smokey eye and a nude-peachy lip. I hope you guys can find some inspiration on this video and if you attempt to recreate Kylie’s look too, please send me your photos. I would love to see them. 

Well, until next time I’ll see you guys later!

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How To Get Flawless Skin | Skincare Routine

Hello, everyone ! Hope y’all doing great 🙂 so today I wanna talk about my skincare routine. 

I can consider myself a very lucky person in this situation because I never had big problems mainting my skin looking very good. I have normal to combination skin but I still need to take care of my skin in order to mainaint its elasticity and radiant complexion. So here are the products that I use to get a flawless skin. 


  • So the first thing you need to do is to remove your makeup every night before you go to sleep. No exceptions ! This step can really make the difference in how your skin is going to look everyday. I personally use the one by Elmiplant for Normal Skin. This milk cleanser effectively removes impurities and makeup, while its non-greasy formula allows skin to breathe. Apply on face and neck using a cotton pad and gently massage.


  • The second thing I use is a micelle solution. I absolutely love the micelle solution by Bioderma. I know this is designed for those with combination to oily skin but it also really works for me. The non-comedogenic cleanser removes impurities using micelles, which micro-emulsify and remove impurities without drying the skin out. It guarantees perfect cutaneous tolerance, leaving the skin is left looking clear and feeling fresh. Although the instructions say that you should use it twice a day, I use it just once before I go to sleep. Soak a cotton pad with solution, and cleanse the face. Repeat with more cotton pads until they come away clean.
  • 10966917_849717601760258_237584117_nThe next product that I like to use is gel cleanser. It’s a gel-based cleanser with a really nice consistency. It’s not too thick, but not too liquidy either.  It does foam up a bit as you massage it into your skin, but it’s not a super rich and foamy lather. After rinsing, my skin felt nice and clean, but also soft. It doesn’t over dry my skin and it feels pretty good after rinsing off.


  • So this is my absolute favourite product that I had ever used so far. I’ve been buying this moisturizer since the day that I have discovered it. It also contains salicylic acid, which helps unclog pores and prevent clogging, while speeds the natural process of skin regeneration.Apply every morning and evening on clean skin, avoiding the delicate eye area.This moisturizer is also an excellent base for makeup.
  • 10947849_849717611760257_676573883_nSo the last thing that I recommend you to use is the Intensive Purifyng Care by Bioderma. I have recently received this little sample of the main product when I had bought the Micelle Solution. I have found this very good if you use it just on the blemishes. As it says on the bottle, it’s destinated for acne-prone skin but you can also use this for severe blemishes.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time I’ll see you guys later 🙂